Picture1Amatsu therapy is a modern adaption of an ancient Japanese hands-on therapy that has only been available in the UK since 1995.

It is a holistic therapy, treating your whole body, identifying the underlying cause of the problem; not just the symptoms. It comprises of a number of different techniques such as anma pressure massage, soft tissue release, mobilisation, re-patterning, visceral and cranial balancing, which are used in different combinations to suit the needs of each individual.

The stresses and injuries of life can damage or distort natural patterns and your body’s own ability to repair itself. Amatsu gently helps to restore these in a relaxing yet revitalising treatment, working on many levels, which can leave you feeling lighter, brighter and generally more complete.

A treatment is known as a ‘balance’. The aim of a balance is to re-establish the body’s ability to move naturally. Most balances are carried out fully clothed.

Amatsu can be gentle or vigorous; it is suitable for everyone, including babies, children, pre and post natal women, sportspeople, less able and the older person. It is safe and effective for all ages.

There are many potential benefits of an Amatsu balance:

  • Improve stability and flexibility of the skeletal system
  • Ease back pain
  • Help with neck and shoulder complaints
  • Improve alignment and posture
  • Aid recovery from sports injuries
  • Increase range of joint movement and reduce joint pain
  • Help relieve pregnancy aches and pains
  • Release tight, knotted muscles
  • Improve circulation to muscles and other soft tissues
  • Reduce stress levels

I detect and treat the underlying cause of the problem; not just the symptoms. Muscles are assessed for tone and neurological integrity. Limbs are stretched and mobilised. This builds a specific and comprehensive picture of the injury. I use a combination of various techniques:

  • Anma pressure massage
  • Natural movement orientated mobilisation
  • Muscular re-patterning
  • Proprioceptive balancing
  • Visceral manipulation
  • Cranial balancing
  • Stimulation of acupressure points

It is unlikely that one balance will fix you completely. If you have a chronic (long standing) condition your body will have compensated and adapted around that injury/ problem.

Each session is different, because I don’t use predetermined points on your body. I feel for pulls, tightness and heat so that I know where to work to release those restrictions. I find exactly where your body needs to change to be balanced. I can explain to you exactly which vertebrae / ligaments / muscles are involved or I can keep quiet and you can fall asleep!

This process continues until a stable level of general well-being is attained, after which the majority of my clients find a period of time between treatments that suits them.