I'm Ann Russell, owner of The Acorn Clinic in Edmonton, London. The clinic was established in 2002. I provide a variety of therapies that can help with painful limbs, restricted joints, injuries and other ailments.


I qualified as a Practitioner in 2002, I am passionate about helping people regain pain free movement and agility. I often hear clients say that they expect to be in pain because of their age or injury. Let me help you get your body moving effortlessly. I have [...]

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Amatsu therapy is a modern adaption of an ancient Japanese hands-on therapy that has only been available in the UK since 1995. It is a holistic therapy, treating your whole body, identifying the underlying cause of the problem; not just the symptoms. It comprises of a [...]

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Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive technique using energy to treat physical and emotional ailments / problems. The Practitioner is a channel which the energy is drawn through by the need or imbalance of the recipient. It is a system of [...]

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Conditions treated


I suffered with extreme pain in my knees after a car crash. I was impressed as the pain lessened after the first treatment and completely disappeared after a series of treatments. I am very thankful to Ann for the difference Amatsu has made.
AP. Hertfordshire

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